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    A Note to Life

    Dear life,
    How do I thank you
    For the many
    The power
    Of myself?
    There were times
    When you
    Disappointed me,
    Yet, you helped me
    To rise from it.
    How do I thank you
    For everything
    I have been blessed with?
    A roof over my head,
    A proper diet,
    Clothing to wear,
    Eyes to see,
    And a body functioning
    In normal.
    How do I thank you,
    For giving
    Good lessons in life,
    To improve
    And grow?
    How do I thank you
    For the many people
    Who love me
    Like no other?
    There are many
    Craving for love,
    Living in misery,
    Confused in life,
    In search of
    Their identity,
    To make them
    Satisfy with life.
    Yet, I thank you.
    I am not blessed with each,
    Yet, blessed
    With the best.
    I love you, Life.