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    Free yourself from yourself.
    This is a short freestyle spoken word piece I wrote today.

    We are all operating under a personality/identity.
    When we meet people, the behaviour we show is like handing them your business card which identifies you.

    Every time you meet up with someone, they expect you to behave according to that same identity, more or less. We give some room for small changes in behaviour based on emotions/situations, but generally speaking we expect each other to behave in a consistent identity.

    Why? Because it's evolutionary. As long as you stay consistent in your personality, the people around you can predict your behaviour and reactions, which provides a sense of safety and security to them. Unpredictability is unsafe.
    So our minds are conditioned to stick to an identity (which is formed through a combination of many factors--nurture and nature).

    99% of people live their entire lives without ever questioning whether the concept of a personality is actually the truth of what you are.
    We just assume that our personality is who we are at the deepest level.

    But as you start to take your attention away from everything outside of you and turn it inward, you start to observe yourself in each moment and notice that you are acting. Always playing this character.

    The fact that something deeper in you notices that you're playing this character proves that you are not this character. So what exactly in you recognizes that you're playing this character?
    This the question you have to find the answer to.

    This character that you and your friends and family hold onto is limiting your experience of life.
    As soon as you recognize this secret,
    you start to burn away your limitations
    and grow into your true potential in this life.

    Your actions stop coming from past conditioning. You act spontaneously in each moment.
    You don't need to maintain an image for other people.
    You genuinely say and do what you feel in your heart in each moment without the pressure you used to put on yourself for pleasing the people around you.
    You open yourself up to possibilities.
    You become more grateful and start to move in harmony with life.

    This is true freedom. And true spirituality.


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    Can't just live
    and try to keep out of prison.

    Human being,
    you really got to see how you're living.

    Breaking out the prison of your mind
    makes you realize that everyone
    just lives in a prison.