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    The room is so lonely,
    It needs your presence,
    where are you?
    where you went?
    I have no clue
    I can't think without you,
    I'm paralyzed,
    I no longer feel the same me,
    Your absence kills me
    from inside,
    It hurts me to the core,
    Are you listening?
    with whom I'm talking?
    or I've gone mad in your desires,
    In your love that meant us
    to be together,
    but you flew away, away
    from me,
    causing a betrayal,
    which I never expected
    specially from you,
    your face pops out everytime
    on my head,
    making me miss you more,
    my blood pops out
    telling me your name,
    they wanna feel touched,
    they wanna be loved
    they need you,
    would you come back?
    I promise, I won't shout at you
    I just want to see you
    I just wanna feel you
    for the final time,
    Feeling like a used soul,
    now, nobody is gonna accept me,
    My body is shivering
    so it can touch you
    it's been days, you're not here
    as you're the therapy to my
    body's pain,
    feeling lke you're right next to me,
    holding my hands,
    whispering in my ears,
    like the good old times,
    it's better to die now,
    so my soul finds you
    and get your love,
    somewhere I'll be happy
    because that's what I wanted
    when we were together.

    ________. @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod

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    My body needs your touch to feel loved.
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