• afzalhakim 27w

    We were lucky to have survived the mind-twisting maze of philosophy and metaphysics, because our professor understood that our minds would crack trying to crack the minds of philosophical giants (no puns intended here). So, he brought them to our level, going from concrete to abstract and it was much like watching a tree grow down to its seedling form. I will not lie, it did still feel like torture to us but he gave us the patience to bear it with enthusiasm. I still failed miserably, but I was a proud failure for having to engage with philosophy in such an innovative and unique way.

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    Existential Anomaly

    In my classes on metaphysics
    I used to really struggle
    trying to think like the thinkers.
    To me,
    they were all but the same
    and they brought me nothing but shame
    because honestly I "Kant" get "Marx"
    for trying to guess
    if Schrodinger's damn cat
    was dead or alive.