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    Before we talk I always undress my heart. Not all of it is beautiful but in the nakedness of those moments I'm as flawed as a man can be. Still you find me beautiful. Still you say my name as if you're calling out the most wonderful person in the world. I go back to our chats and wonder how come you never say how stupid I am. I wonder how come my stretch marks, pimples, wrinkles and just plain untidiness doesn't stop you from loving me. I wonder how you talk about my flaws and make them look like they're just adding more to my charm. I wonder how everyday you make me fall in love with you and in doing so a little more in love with myself. I wonder but I also stop wondering in a few moments knowing that you're the best person I've ever met and nobody else can do this but only you. No wonder I love you to pieces. No wonder my heart beats out your name. No wonder my dreams are lit by your radiant smiles. And believe me love, you're a God's masterpiece. You're ineffable and you're beautiful. And more than anything you're my love. You're my zehnasheen.

    - Zaid Khan

    @afira_albab To you with love and all that it means❤️

    A star in distant sky
    Twinkles in your shade
    Showing all the words
    We've wrote and said

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    A life

    I place my hand on ground
    In hopes to feel your footsteps
    Eavesdropping on every corner
    To my ghosts I pay respects
    They've all gone to their graves
    Since the day I heard your voice
    God smiled at me when I saw you smile
    You laughed once, I fell thrice
    Thousands of homes around me
    But none feels like my own
    Then there's your heart in the wild
    And love that brews in my bone
    There's you flowing in my veins
    Becoming a thought sometimes
    But an heartbeat mostly
    All beats my heart skipped
    Had your name engraved
    And the deeper they all dipped
    To only find your pieces saved
    Saved in a pocket close-lipped
    For an eternity we'd never see
    I've placed you in my heart
    What you want you can be
    To hold and love you're free
    But forever as a part of me
    I've loved you for an eternity
    An eternity we can never see

    I believe in dreams
    I've my faith in prayers
    I've craved you endlessly
    Through all my invisible layers
    I've dreamt you all night and
    Have killed all those naysayers
    Who lived as a different part of me
    And always asked who cares
    I told them 'I' care
    I told them 'You' do
    I've told them all I wanted
    Was a beautiful life with you
    My doubts have died in your charm
    My fears have vanished in your words
    My insecurities perished in your smiles
    And flew away all heartaches like birds
    You're the loveliest person on earth
    You're the beauty of my existence
    There's no me without you
    You're my painting
    And you're my essence
    You're the sense of all my world
    You're the meaning of my life

    I wanna share with you a life
    A life so incomplete without you
    Like a part of my soul too dreamy
    You colored me all anew
    My mind's a floor you dance upon
    My heart's a home you decorated
    Thinking of you makes me happy
    Falling for you I feel elated
    Those stars far up in the sky
    Look into your eyes and twinkle
    You smile at them and shy away
    Your beauty heals sky's every wrinkle
    You're a person so beautiful
    That one might mistake you for a dream
    Yet again for me you're a dream come true
    I've prayed endlessly to just meet you
    My world's white today and yours is blue
    I wanna share with you a life
    A life so incomplete without you.