• goddess_of_blazingwords 39w

    My pen wants to retell an ancient tale of two lovers whose love never grew frail
    Their love began in a scenic abode
    His world cold
    And hers warm
    He was water
    And she fire
    I knew she'd end me as vapour
    And I'd be her killer
    But how can we quench when love brought us together.
    This bonding is eternal
    Love to called everlasting
    Fire and water; Mere men call it impossible cause our end would be a tragedy
    No I can't stop loving You
    I won't
    We'd blaze together
    And flow together

    Where are you at my precious Amulet
    Here I am my heartthrob
    Take my hands and let's walk through this forest of death together.
    Fire and water in love with each other
    Let's not leave this story untold
    Cause you were never my destruction
    This love magical more than just ordinary.
    Together forever wasn't impossible after all.
    The dearest one
    Bambi's treasured word's
    Hope Bomate Nelson