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    And So Love Happened!

    CHAPTER - 08

    Vansh couldn't sleep last night and missed his first two lectures as he got up late that day. He went straight to the class. Hasija ma'am was giving a lecture on Regional planning. He took a peek inside of the classroom to check if Pulkit was there. He called him to know his whereabouts when he couldn't find him in the class.

    "Come in the library and bring a map of Haryana," Pulkit whispered.

    Pulkit was sitting in a corner of the library with several A3 sheets scattered all over the table, occupying at least four seats.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" Vansh asked taking the seat in front of Pulkit.

    "Making my project file as you can see."

    "But why? Last I checked the due date was next week."

    "Yeah... that's kinda the whole point here."

    "Forget about it. Why didn't you wake me up in the morning?"

    "Excuse me?" Pulkit squinted his eyes, "I did and almost missed the first lecture because of you. What were you on last night?"

    "I couldn't sleep last night."

    "Oh, c'mon man! Don't tell me you were stressing about Dhwani's reply."

    "I wasn't."

    "But your face is telling a different story. What happened with you two?"

    "I don't know, man!" Vansh said aloud without realizing they were in the library. The librarian shushed glaring at him.

    "Let's get out of here," Pulkit said collecting his sheets.

    "Where are we going?"

    "Let's find out in what medium sound waves are travelling today," said Pulkit pulling Vansh's hand as they walked down the stairs.

    "Shut up!" said Vansh smirking.

    They searched every corner of the college to find Dhwani and at last found her sitting under the Pipal tree near the canteen, at the same spot where Vansh and her used to eat every day. She was sipping on a juice cane. Pulkit gestured for Vansh to go and talk to her.

    "Eating alone, heh?" Vansh asked sitting down on a chair in front of her.

    "No, just having a juice," Dhwani clipped.

    "Are you okay?"

    Dhwani nodded taking a sip of her juice.

    "Are you mad at me?"

    "Do I have a reason to?" She asked in the same tone.

    "What happened? Would you tell me please?" Vansh snapped.

    "Why are you asking me? Ask your friends!" Dhwani raised her voice.

    "My friends?" Confused, he asked, "What did they do?"

    "You don't know? Yeah, why would you? You never seem to notice any of their mistakes."

    "Dhwani," subduing his voice, "I am sorry but tell me exactly what happened?" Vansh asked.

    "You don't remember? You don't remember the double meaning comments your friends passed at me yesterday?"

    "Which one...."

    "And it's not the first time they have said something like that. One of your asshole friends was calling me bhabhi the other day." Dhwani said cutting him in between.

    "Hey don't call my friend an asshole," said Vansh without realizing his finger pointing at her.

    "Asshole is not the point, Vansh. You never acknowledge your friends' mistakes and that's not cool."

    "I am sorry," said Vansh taking Dhwani's hand in his.

    "No, you are not sorry," she said jerking away from his hand. "You don't understand, Vansh. I am not your girlfriend..."

    "I know."

    "... and I feel uncomfortable when your friends treat me like that. I am okay to take a little joke once in a while but this nonsense hooting and double meaning comment every time we are together is simply not cool."

    "I am sorry, Dhwani. I had no idea how you felt. I'll talk to them."

    "And make me look like a bitch in front of them? No, thank you."

    "Don't be unreasonable, Dhwani. Give them a chance. They are not bad people. I am sure their intention was not to hurt you."

    "Always... always taking your friends' side. Huh, Vansh?" she said hopelessly. Vansh was quiet. "I am getting late for the class now," she said and stormed off. Vansh couldn't even try to stop her. He just watched Dhwani go away freezing on his chair without blinking his eyes.