• lovelighttt 92w

    Trials and Tribulations

    Facing trials and tribulations, in a world that refuses to become one nation
    Everyday, you see the spoils of war
    Sitting at your front door.
    There's no age that spared of the misery,
    Enough tears to create a sea of centuries of woe,
    Yet, not too many people dare to change what their taught to know.
    How many died in wars over centuries?
    Anxious men and women dying in the name of victory.
    Then mourned and forgotten among the streets.
    As if they didn't shed enough blood to deserve a sustainability.
    Too much hate because of skin tone separation
    Too gullible to see that it's not the flesh that makes a nation.
    Only the soul inside of us, can bring the unity and love when we realize we're one hand that covers the world like a glove.
    The only difference between us is good and evil
    Yet, what we have been taught is beyond reprieval,
    Now we got protests galore based off of false history and fokelore,
    When we simply need to restore harmony instead of swords.
    Just one act of kindness can make a difference
    Stop making people think they don't belong because they different
    This is a time of great healing instead of the cesspool of ignorant domineerance.