• crogers180 134w

    Trail of Hell

    I have been there. I have.
    Walked the road of despair,
    Gun in hand - ducked and hid
    Among the brush, or so
    I thought. But, it mattered not
    What others saw or said
    To my spirit, already dead.
    I tossed the weapon, I'd made
    My saving grace, only to
    Pick it up in a tighter embrace.
    Booze and pills I chose as well,
    Companions on this trail of Hell.
    I ran, I fell, I ran again to get away
    From the pain, but it doesn't
    Work that way. Too ashamed
    Or confused to turn around,
    I finally stopped. I stopped and
    Then was found, weary,
    Broken on this lonely road
    By the me I lost so long ago.