• berries_54 8w

    Let's learn to respect each other despite our differences
    Let's learn to grow united, not apart.
    Reach out with a helping hand
    Not a weapon.
    Learn to love♥️ and we will go far

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    When the world fights a war
    you'd expect it to be against "The enemy",
    not our own.

    From within
    We tried this already
    It profited us nothing.

    Are you happy?
    So many empty promises made
    Brighter tomorrow
    Bloodshed today

    It doesn't make sense
    Instead of trying to understand
    we assume.
    Assume that our brethren
    Brew schemes driven by bad intentions,
    when truly that mentality makes us do that very thing we fear.

    Why must we see the other as "monster"
    Always some bad label
    to add to the flame that feeds your egotistical mind
    Take off those lenses,
    Pull up your blinds.
    Let's draw an end to this prejudice.