• tengoku 68w

    WN, bhaisahab kuch zyada nahi ho gaya. Matlab kuch bhi.

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    I fear..

    I fear voids filling my pages,
    and no urge to write in my bones.
    I fear being afraid of nights and
    accompanying dark all alone.

    I fear no pain in heart to bleed,
    and my pen getting cold and numb.
    I fear fake smiles stuck on my lips,
    and tears caged in hollow lungs.

    I fear promises of forever,
    which end up in the grave of rhymes.
    I fear screams of love hidden in the
    soothing wind chime of lies.

    I fear loving people who left me,
    in the middle of life, alone the way.
    I fear reminiscing their gentle touches,
    and then dying for them every day.

    I fear shattering of syllables,
    and verses dying with autumn leaves.
    I fear rains without metaphors and
    seasons without brimming poetry.