• thegreymetaphor 101w

    And some of your stories
    will end in a way that
    you won't get to
    pour your drunken heart
    out to strangers
    narrating why it ended
    without beginning.
    The subjects will walk away
    leaving behind shards
    of their fragrance
    with you trying to
    clutch onto them
    with all your might.
    You won't get to flip
    the pages of their journals
    and wonder why was
    your name lost
    among a sea of others.
    You won't have a sad letter
    on your bedstand to
    read under the lamplight
    with a cup of hot coffee.
    And most of all,
    You won't get to weep
    over the indifference of
    your characters.
    They will end and that's about it.
    You see,
    not all goodbyes are dead ends.
    But, they're ends anyway.
    Sometimes, of stories
    and sometimes, of a part of you.



    I hope you all are doing well. Take care. :)

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    No matter how it falls apart

    There's an "art" in breaking hearts

    But there's no fair in farewell.
    The silent "hell" in "I wish you well".

    -The Script (no good in goodbye)