• iam_rose 186w


    Don't tire yourself in ceasing my breaths
    For I always get rebirth through my words

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    The dark solitary nights
    With your demonic thoughts
    Gift my mind the fury
    To avenge all those hurts
    That rendered me only a fragment
    Nowhere could this soul
    Find now solace
    Except dwelling in these verses
    As the pangs of separation
    Keep reverberating
    Avoiding the bruises
    from the recuperation
    Had you turned back
    just one last time
    And looked at the plight
    Of my fateless beats
    Always waiting
    for that lost pat
    Such a gentle caress
    To ease my nerves
    The tears rebelling out
    from my eyes
    How lovingly trickle down
    To get lost in the lap
    Of your memories
    Ah those wails !
    My soul kept exercising,
    To melt the lead
    In the marrow of those walls
    I sometimes took as the couch
    Sending me to ethereal calm,
    Are proving now
    the waves of
    Some unrecognised sound
    From the incognito to your brass ears
    And the pain and chaos
    have befallen my tranquil nerves
    jeopardizing my senses
    Stumbling and stumpedes
    The only consequence
    To my every venture
    For neither I can sight present
    nor brood out for the future
    As the remorse-filled soul
    Is at war To dement
    Everything that causes it the haunt
    Switching to penning down
    These devastating thoughts
    I feel loved,heard and cared
    despite the hollow
    I have remained now
    And this is the only way
    I notice I ,too,am alive..
    I ,too, am alive...