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    El Dorado

    The sense of fear intel the mind
    "Protect yourself" with silent lines

    And our brains with rapid response
    Raises up fences to defend its walls

    As if Newton’s third law is flawed
    When the mind suggests that less is more

    That is the curse of ritual conversation
    The excuse to normal communication

    When men quickly get each other wrong
    Through minor keys and subtle tones

    exacerbating miscommunication
    That lead men to confrontation
    Activating the flight response
    Like a gun with bullets made of puns

    Piercing missiles, destructive bombs
    Menacing threat like the conflict of Guam

    Deploying strategy to avoid danger
    Succumbing to a much greater contender

     And on and on the cycle lasts
    With no definite end in site

    And Understanding becomes a treasure 
    With value of inexplicable measure

    Men seek it like desperados 
    Like legends of El Dorado