• amsterdam 13w


    My loneliness,
    A scarlet river swallowing withered sunsets
    Across my chest,
    An abandoned city bathed in somber yellow
    Of the fading sunlight

    Nostalgia is such a lonely word
    Dipped in thick monochromatic despair and longing,
    A widow's veil of sorrows
    Spilling sepia memories from the corners
    Of an antique picture frame

    The nights weep neon a little longer
    And the hours bleed in silence
    Like old rose wounds that never heal
    As if someone squeezed all the colors
    Of a Pablo Picasso painting
    Leaving an empty canvass,
    A black hole. A void.
    Pale. Gray. Dull.
    Like the skies
    Drained of its watercolors
    And stripped of its rainbows and lilac magic,
    My loneliness
    Is a postcard memory of a barefoot autumn
    Hanging on a clothesline
    Like ghosts of forgotten poems
    And tragic love stories.

    #simile #wod
    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    tysm for the advance halloween gift!��✨

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