• suranjana__ 53w

    you are like a song
    arranging veins to unlatch
    reverberating tunes of ecstasy
    and crowding arteries to swirl red hues
    of a perpetual bond, pleasant and warming.

    i scribble words on you
    you are like a song
    an infant of poems and tales
    somehow hanging bars in the black grey sky
    for the orb to hug you tight.

    i whisper unsaid verses
    clutching scars and sunflowers
    you are like a song
    i say, i weave through my nerves
    knitting hopes to our existence cramped with sunshine.

    scratching my wounds
    i take out black and dark tints
    of nightmares and impure idioms
    you are like a song
    fondling with whom lyrics of mine places itself in entity.

    my ears are encircled now
    by zephyr of a known love
    and not an unknown yawn of typhoons and gales
    calm zephyr is a song to my broken words and it's you
    you are like a song.