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    Daffodils appears in my eyes
    Everytime I think of happiness
    That bright yellow becomes the sun
    And that sun cracks my lips into smiles

    Barely 8 was I when I walked passed those Daffodils
    And how strong its image that captures my heart
    Along the Western Road was where I've onced lived
    And Bolehill Park becomes my playground port

    At 44 young I am now living
    While my mind travels still to that 8 year old me
    It was the daffodils that makes me thriving
    And that English Springtime that creates me

    How I wished I brought that spring with me
    Everyday along my months and years
    How I wished you are only for me
    Just like my most favourite Spring hours

    Heart: I still can remember the daffodils
    Conscience : That was so long ago while you're in England

    Heart : Yes that springtime. I just love it. Especially at
    Bolehill Park.
    Conscience : Ah yes I remembered you told me, you went
    to school there.

    Heart : Yes in Sheffield. The memory I have of those
    daffodils along Western Road always put a smile
    on my face.
    Conscience : That must be such a beautiful memory for you.
    Heart : Yes it is. Makes me think of Wordsworth poem
    about it. I always look forward to spring.

    **Simple things in life makes her happy. As simple as the bright yellow Daffodils in spring**

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    Yellow Daffodils in Spring