• swathi_ 44w

    Now that I look back, I just can't stop laughing at all the things we did
    Damn, good old days
    I don't even regret cursing you that much,
    Each word goes with a curse
    How did you tolerate me?
    I didn't get the chance to ask you, then
    You told me you wrote everything in your diary,
    You told me you were writing, when you were speaking to me
    I need to get hold of the diary,
    I didn't write anything on my diary
    I was so busy, being with you
    I was busy, talking with you, listening to you, venting, and everything
    Did I even tell you, how good you were as a friend
    I think I just missed on that friend part, Instead I told you everything else.
    You know what, I loved to make you angry, I would smile to myself.
    I loved the way you handled my anger
    I loved the way you pacified me
    I miss the friend, you were.
    Can we talk about every damn thing, once again
    Someday, Cold coffee?