• lovelighttt 93w


    Thought she was a material girl, but if only he'd taken a moment to see into her world.
    Thought she was for the city life, yet to her the country fit just right.
    Thought she'd been one of promiscuity, when in reality she thrived in long term relationships.
    Thought she had a fickle mind, yet in her minds eye was depths no one simply cared to delve in.
    Thought she'd never meet expectations, yet she never cared about fitting in.
    Thought she loved attention, when she'd only had three to four true friends.
    Thought she'd cared about money, yet she was comfortable simply with having enough.
    Thought she was shallow, yet she took the time to fill everyone's cup.
    Thought she wasn't intelligent, yet her mind went beyond academia
    Thought she was immature, yet she was an full grown woman.
    Thought she was ugly, but what was beautiful about her was much treasured.
    Thought she could be sized up, but found out she was a force without measure.
    Thought she wasn't good enough, just to find she was too much.
    Thought I couldn't marry her, until I realized I couldn't live without her touch.