• herbiee 38w

    After being just promoted as the CEO, she returned home to hear "Go make tea for your husband", given out by her mother-in-law. Now we might think what kind of ruthless woman does that when infact our whole society is shaping up to assign gender roles. Girls are given knives and boys are given pens, one for cooking and other for earning. They are put through so much pressure to be the perfect homemaker or richest officer that somewhere by the middle, a single man won't know how feed himself and a widowed woman won't know how to be able to feed herself. For a change to happen, every kid should be taught basic cooking, cleaning and to do their own laundry. So the next time someone comes home, entire family can help in chunks and not just leave the girls grind all the chores. Together, a family can build together the balance letting the "culture & traditions of genders" be set aside. And if someone wants to work as well as do all the house work by themselves, let them be, all we want is for everyone to have an equal right to choose.