• tinamunang 54w

    Senseless yet Sensible

    The time was 21:15pm.
    Sitted on the edge of my bed ️
    With my back arced like a bow
    And legs at 90 degrees to the floor

    Averting my eyesto the right
    I caught a glimpse of "a name"
    Dashing‍♀️across the streets ️ of my mind
    Like a whirlwind in the midst of nowhere
    Or like a monkeyascending the cotton tree in freetown

    The perceived name was one of a kind
    Hold on!! Relax!!
    Let me rephrase that verse...
    The name was analogous to a rare breed

    A uniqueappellation it was
    Possessed by small thin figures
    Metamorphosed by being
    Bathedin a pint-size of saline crystals
    Submerged in a searing liquid;
    One of water's innumerable foes
    Customarily addressed by its first name "oil"

    Due to mishaps at a restaurant
    Its authenticity was lost‍♀️
    The name was therefore reborn
    And given a prefix.

    It was handed over to a being
    Whom I shall now salute
    Addressing him by this five-star name
    As I say ️...
    "Good evening Boiled chips"