• soumyapriyagm 38w

    A moment to cast back the inner thoughts and emotions..
    The known feelings of heart that fall short of words to pendown..
    Bounded by indescribable waft of expectation..
    The story of us filled to the brim with questions and exclaimations..

    The cool breeze that trespasses me with your every thought..
    Its those moments that keeps warmth in me and so my heart..
    An inkling of hope nurturing my soul a whole lot..

    The feeling of emptiness like the painter without a brush..
    A night without twinkling stars ..
    A cloud without a rainbow.
    The rain without droplets..
    And a poet without words..

    The astounding link of thoughts leaving me blindsided..
    That split seconds of my life rolled by the tumbleweed..

    No longer afraid to surpass the crossroad's uncertainties..
    For you have taught me to drop off my insecurities..

    I look behind not with a bitter regret
    For you have rescued my weeping heart. .

    It's only "Me" And "You" With the promise of "Us" Never formulated..
    Drenched in a cosy silence, yet with millions of words collated..