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    Someday I'll Write The Same Letter To You

    Dear Not Dear Childhood,

    Like a fruit, You're rotten
    You're a lie still bitter,
    Like a memory,you're never forgotten.
    Like a baby's broken baby sitter.

    At your time,I used to laugh freely
    Now I think twice before crying.
    I used to lift the sky over a normal injury
    Now I hide it even if I'm dying.

    Then, needs were of no need
    And eyes carried many dreams,
    Now no one sees if my wishes bleed,
    Nor anyone listens to my silent screams.

    Earlier,I used to cry loudly over broken toys,
    Now I'm broken like a toy and cry in silence.
    Then, I loved to create the cute noise
    But now even my lips get sealed over violence.

    Then,I used to believe my parents only,
    Now I believe the whole world except them.
    The resident of gatherings,now lives lonely
    In the search of pebbles, I lost my gems.

    The same nights don't play any lullabies
    The same darks don't scare me any more.
    Neither the same heart stands at ease
    Nor the same loneliness makes me bore.

    The one,who never hid the zero stars
    Now hides all the thousand scars.
    Cigar in fingers and life burns like the cigars
    Life resting in laps, now rests in the bars.

    The one who learnt to spread love
    Now spreads the hater.
    Life was chuffed like a dove
    Tension free those days were more better.

    Those were the days,when lies were truth
    And now even the truth is just a lie.
    Life changed and never showed ruth
    See how fast the timings fly.

    I was being scolded to sleep more
    Now they scold me to wake up early.
    I had a dream to be like a calm sea shore,
    But now I'm a parnassian, writing eagerly.

    In your ages, I wanted to become older
    And now I wanna come back to you.
    Will you become a bit bolder
    Like the leaves accept the drops of dew.

    Dear Childhood, someday you'll become same
    Which won't be sticking like a glue.
    And when you'll play your game
    I'll write the same letter to you.

    To get you back, even if I reincarnate
    And I get a life all new.
    Still I won't be able to change the fate,
    Someday,then I'll write the same letter to you.