• _yashika_bhardwaj_ 41w


    Hearing knocking at the door
    I came running, but I saw nothing
    With every ounce of matter I held, I dragged myself towards it and saw Nothing!
    Your voice echoed in my head
    Relentlessly putting my reality on hold,
    Outside the window I saw you smile, I leaned forward to catch, I found Nothing!
    I sensed you smiling, running and calling my name,
    When I searched for you, I found Nothing!
    I saw the candle flicker, I thought you blew it
    When I searched for your breathes, I found Nothing!
    I have been running, felling and then standing up,
    Dodging every possible thought of you,
    Like a lunatic I came looking to the grave,
    But.. I found Nothing!