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    Tell me if those shackles meant peace
    Why wasn't I born wearing them?
    I was so very peaceful back then
    When only horror I knew was hunger
    Only desire I had was for food
    No words could make me bleed
    No comments could change my mood
    Tied to this pole of promises
    I feel so miserably alone
    Responsibilities weighing me down
    Like an ocean gulps in a stone
    Waves crashing upon my heart
    Yet I ain't allowed to frown
    Is there something more beautiful
    Than a part of you that you wanna disown?
    I wanna tear apart from me
    All that makes me such a rebel
    I wanna make peace with this world
    Yet nothing about it one can foretell
    So people look into their pasts
    Bring it out for next generations
    To see how the world was made
    With no place for fair designations
    "It is what it is and that's how we must live
    For all that you don't like - just be passive
    Can you change the whole world by yourself?
    You really think you don't need no help?
    Think again and think WISELY
    Measure your emotions too precisely
    Then betray them all for prejudices
    Become wise my friend. Stop dreaming."
    And I listen to them
    Because they're brutally sensible
    Yet a part of me cries all night
    How can we live a life so logical?
    Where all decisions depend on logistics
    Where everything has a reason
    And rationality kills all hope that exists
    I know all I believe isn't true
    My beliefs don't have empirical proofs
    But for all that it means
    I just wanna dream
    I wanna live in my dreams and die in them
    For there's no life in me out of dreams
    I believe my dreams will come true
    And I know
    If logic shows the way home
    Faith tells what home feels like

    - Zaid Khan

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @afira_albab @sumiinked

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    The road I've walked was stained red
    Some must've died, more must've fled
    Deep in the burrows hid aspirations
    Of going to several destinations
    Yet in the midst of madness
    Dreams died a million deaths
    Hopelessness covered the sky
    And daffodils danced on blue beds
    Out of nowhere bloomed a rainbow
    Came fragrance of flowers we didn't know
    It didn't rain that day, neither did it snow
    One could only see a rainbow
    How did it happen?
    Should happiness care to know?
    It shouldn't.