• manishita_saha06 89w


    A mother's love is something that no one can explain....
    There is no one who can love like her.
    Her heart is filled with love.
    She hold our hand and show the right way of our life
    So, that we can go out in the big world.
    She teaches us the basic things of the life
    Her gentle hug and soft kisses feel us wonder.
    She always cares for us.
    She always prays for us.
    She is always there in every moment of our life.
    She cries when we are sad and in pain.
    Her lap make our soul light.
    She always awake untill we sleep.
    She give her whole life to keep us happy.
    She forget about their dreams even
    She never keeps any single moment for herselves.
    She plays the most important role in this magical world.
    Till death her love for us never end..
    - Manishita Saha