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    I am just a leaf blowing in the wind,
    I find no perch in nooks and crannies,
    I have lost my foothold on reality,
    I am a thing of legends and myths.
    Once upon a long time ago,
    I, too, was a bud upon a virile stem,
    Surrounded with colours, sounds of melody,
    I had front seat in the conviviality.

    When I noticed my first loss of colour
    I scoffed it as false alarm.
    My immortality enthused me
    With the confidence of a fool.
    I relished the yellow,
    With dull orange undertones.
    It set me apart from
    The monotone of green.

    When the east wind blew
    I went too far in my exuberance.
    The moment came and went
    And I was no longer tethered.
    The freedom was exhilarating
    Till I lost sight of a path-
    I spiraled out of control
    Out of the shades I had known.

    I am a leaf blowing in the wind
    My past doesn't define me,
    My future doesn't beguile me,
    Yet I fly through my fate-
    My wings of fancy lead me on
    To an adventure unseen and unheard.
    Every moment is my victory.

    (C) writeranavah

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    Leaf Blowing in The Wind