• dreamerdoc 69w


    23rd March the clock struck nine,
    Talks among the people but this time not about any crime.
    Assurance was given that all will be fine,
    Everyone were asked to self quarantine.
    School, Colleges closed & so the workplace,
    By the online lectures, classrooms got replaced.
    Employees were asked to work from home,
    Near or far not allowed to roam.
    Holy places closed, transport services shut down,
    Stock market crashed and economy is down.
    People were stuck away from hometown,
    Strong laws to punish who defy lockdown.
    Not bollywood stars but now doctors are hero,
    Working day and night to bring the count zero.
    Police shifted priorities as the virus crisis grow,
    Workers risking life while their families in sorrow.
    Feels like nature has sent us all to our rooms,
    So mother earth can heal and little flowers bloom.
    Now praying to the God, grazing at moon,
    I wish every night this lockdown ends soon
    - Anshika