• beleza_ 52w

    My anxiety sits in a corner,
    lost in the sounds of the past
    There are times to smile,
    I have seen in some old pictures
    What the world sometimes tells,
    it does not happen in the lines drawn by the hand
    Luck also plays strange games with life
    Sometimes what is not in the fortunes also gets unaccounted

    There's a transparent ocean
    inside your eyes that silently expresses
    every drop of tears hidden behind a smile
    But your spirit is also unmatched,
    whose wave paints the extinguished
    colorless life in rainbow colors

    I have never known the address of pain,
    even in the confusion, my existence kept on
    playing like innocence in the calm flow,
    until the spirits were attached to the
    unshakeable spirits, everyone recognized me
    by my smile
    I was never afraid of falling,
    I learned the connection of
    the existence of the leaf
    with the branch before it broke
    from the branch from every scattered leaf.

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    My anxiety could never known the address of pain even after drowning in the transparent ocean of heart riddled with pain