• kanya03 49w

    Love selflessly

    Love is the most sacred bond of the world
    But to be honest, it is freedom from bondage, it is freedom

    If someone rejects your love, if someone does not understand your love then what will happen?
    Some will get sad,
    Some want to get love with deceit,
    Some would like to get the right to love prematurely.
    But it is not necessary that the individual you love should also love you
    Because love is not an object, neither a state, nor wealth, like you can control yourself with force.

    Love is the power that can break every bond for you, but itself does not get overtaken in any bondage.
    So whatever you love, leave it free, because freedom is the emotion that is most beloved to the living being.
    If the love is true then the person would understand it.
    Until then, love selflessly.