• lab_13 52w

    Nobody Told Me

    Am I a rip-off? Did my past life have the intent of a thousand men at sea?
    Did I drink too much and recite the sermons that beggers be?
    Did I dethrone the madonna from her vanity and seek refuge upon her breast?
    Perhaps in fear of the dead-eyed beast. That's not so clear in my storehouse of memory anymore whether I was brave or craven. There's got to be somebody worth savin.
    Forest denser than a Jester's head carries secrets of the vagabond riders and death dealers. The tomb seekers share a fair with the tomb sealers. Funny.
    All these kings look more like the jack of hearts not ready to serve a kingdom but ready to play war with one. In truth, they'll fall on their sword and get the women to cry, boo boo boo we move on just fine without the bombs by are side.