• malikaaqib 93w

    Hidden Realms

    In my existence trapped I feel,
    The strange thoughts, I fear to reveal.
    In search of truth I often wonder,
    Going to places where my intellect surrender.
    Lost in mysteries there I feel,
    Often thinking how much is has to reveal.

    Far from known the realms of knowledge,
    Waiting to be explored with little of courage.
    Chasing these realms hidden from sight,
    Keeps me engrossed and engaged all night.

    In the land of solitude when all I see is fog,
    That is when the hidden realms begin to knock.
    Lost in wonder that is how I feel,
    When hidden mysteries of life begin to reveal.
    In the ocean of knowledge one day I shell raise,
    Exploring these mysteries hidden from eyes.
    Then my soul shell breath breath of relief,
    My heart shell cherish and the joy I shell feel.