• sorted_scribbles 22w

    Just a rock!

    In the womb of my mother
    I grew from dust and dirt
    Life was rough and we stood tough
    Through hot and cold, ups and downs

    For millions of years she groomed me for the best
    Till I got my shape and everlasting glint
    As old as I am, as many tales I know of
    The human who found me, happy he was
    Wrinkled skin, poor man with tough hands and weary face
    Happy for pennies he got for me

    Lesser did I know what world is like
    Biased, prejudiced, bigoted land
    Oh! How I missed the darkness and captive
    Ah! So much better than this unjust free air

    Through many hands I was passed along
    The smuggler, the warrior, the carrier of good things
    Once I was touched by familiar hands
    Those tough hands that gave me a new look
    I was transformed to fine jewelry

    I was placed on a throne for people to see
    Till a man came and bought me
    For a lot more than poor man's fortune
    He gifted me to his beloved
    As token of love for her to hold
    Loved, cherished and flaunted I was
    For bigger the better she was told

    Who knows what fate holds for me
    I can be someone's something or nothing at all
    For I'm just a rock that was nourished right
    By a mother who didn't give away to tough night
    She made me who I am today
    Diamond you dream of everyday!