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    Creative Intoxication

    My creativity embodies 
    my very mindset
    Inspiration expressed 
    not just an outlet
    My discretion as an artist 
    not to be repressed
    Laid out in any form 
    allowing others to digest 
    Thoughts manipulated 
    then conveyed 
    Carefully constructed, 
    hoping your amazed
    A creative mind never 
    My message ambitious 
    yet always realized
    You influence my passions 
    and intentions
    You see your essence 
    is forever mentioned 
    Never censoring my 
    words or ability 
    You bring about 
    a flexible Impossibility 
    Your attention each 
    word playfully awaits 
    In anticipation my 
    ideas will then intoxicate 
    Appreciating adoration 
    as words sway
    Reciting each verse 
    in my poetic play  
    I can’t suppress my 
    darkest obsession 
    You see you are 
    my creative expression
    Every line has been 
    designed you know 
    Comprised of passions 
    I need to show 
    So if this is how 
    I spark your interest 
    I would do it all over 
    again in an instant