• sphesihle 20w

    Reaching out

    I lift my hand up hope you see it.
    It's swallowing me I need your attention.
    Notice the pain in my eyes its killing me.
    They say love is pain now i believe it.
    If only I could show my thoughts and emotions.
    I'm trying all possible ways to get to you.
    You far yet near but I'm still reaching out.
    Grab my hand baby and pull me out of the mud.
    I need this,I need you,damn I need us to happen.
    Maybe we'd be magicians and create magic.

    I raise my face to yours look at it clearly.
    The unexplainable attachment is had to conceal.
    The lust and longing us unbearable its eating me up.
    If only I could get you outta my mind I might survive this,
    Though if I withdraw I might suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
    You a forbidden fruit yet I'm still reaching out to you.
    Grab my hand and save me from this storm inside.
    Like a tornado its reeking havoc,I'm barely holding on.
    Say the magic words I'm sure that'd be the resurrection of me.
    I want this,I want you,It's crazy but i want us to exist.
    Maybe it'll be the removal of us from the depression club.

    I raise my voice up a notch.
    Hope you finally see I'm reaching out.
    Take a sec and look at me,
    Say the word you'll have it all.
    Stare deep into this face,
    What you see it what you get.
    I'll forever be here for you,
    Open the door and let me in.
    I'll forever care about you.
    Open your arms and embrace me.
    If only you say the magic words,
    I'd finally stop trying to reach out...