• rajshekhar_7 49w

    Through many years of love and care the one you love is always there

    To help you with your every need and comfort you with word and deed

    They share your joy and bear your woes the love you feel forever grows

    The smile that lights your every day the kiss that holds your fears at bay

    The gentle touch that warms your heart the precious cuddle at day’s start

    The light that shines when they appear all this and more that you hold dear

    Dementia makes just disappear

    Your love, if strong will still remain despite the mounting fear and pain

    You’ll find it hard to understand why things will not be as you planned

    Why eyes that once shone bright and clear seem not to even see you here

    When things you’d say that meant so much are lost like every tender touch

    Though we may sadly shed a tear they’re still the one that you hold dear

    The love you feel forever thrives and goes on filling both your lives....

    #mirakee #writerstoli #mirakeewriters

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