• madhumita_bhowmick 55w

    Loved or Unloved

    In the evenings,
    It gets so cold.
    That I whisper to myself,
    “Pain is also for the bold”.

    The light starts to leave,
    From the very beginning of dusk.
    It reminds me of my true self
    So impatient and brusque.

    The past being so wicked,
    It quivers my voice.
    The fact I should accept
    As if I have any choice.

    "Light" I desire
    From the periphery of my black,
    “A Love I might always crave for”
    The Love that the present lack.

    When I craved for permanence,
    But he came during his leisure.
    I can’t decide if I was love for him
    Or a temporary entity for pleasure.