• rooh_writes 76w

    Autumn things.

    Some years from now, I wish to meet you as unplanned as we do now. Maybe I’ll find you walking through the archways of CP on a lazy winter afternoon or maybe I’ll catch you when you’ll be waiting to cross a busy road. I wonder how it would be, that day. I hope it is an autumn afternoon, when, perhaps after years of not being in touch, I’ll look at you again, slightly dreamy-eyed, a little bit surprised, but relieved on finding you even more beautiful with those graying strands, with the comforting warm smile. I wonder if you would still remember us, few walks and the silly discussions about maturity, responsibility, being smart. I wonder if you would remember the confessions and being ‘OK’ with the status-quo, a convenient arrangement. And perhaps you might again panic, at the words of endearment used so nonchalantly, and I would again assure you that day as well, “It is alright sweetheart….and there is nothing YOU shall worry about”. You may ask me if I am drunk. But, no. I won’t be drunk that day too. I would simply be responsible, not speak, not rush, I'll be quiet. I’ll watch you cross the road, that day when on a fine autumn afternoon, I will find you.