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    The Breeze this winter feels a bit drier, squirting through the window sill making the hazy glass damp against the all aged walls of my abode, it calls me with the deep notes reciting "you" and "us", which are audible merely to my ears and I being the same lethargic soul, hear that heartbreaking resonance echoing deep within the circumference of my head.

    Like a feuillemort leaf tired of putting on the weight of being happy green covers itself with deep scars gifted to her by age, I try to suppress my tears behind this weather of winter, dripping few drops when falling from the edges of pine when kisses the earth beneath them they out in all their might as if this was the only choice their heart had ever made, the choice of meeting the one which completed them

    Looking at the meeting I ask just one question to the air around me, when will the time come that I will caress those pink edges of lips with mine, when will I cover them with the few this season has gifted me with?

    This season keeps me reminding of the linking we have in between, through the old school pages of my rusted diary, I try to give back the time we spent together in each other's company as one single soul with a smile on your face and a blushing red hue on mine.

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    Hey Everyone I hope you all are doing well, Thank you for your beautiful and heartwarming notes on almost all my posts, I am really glad to have a family like you all, will be back soon!

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    @thewordplayer Hey you Birthday Boy ��
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