• feelings 232w

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    Baby []

    I'll try my best to make you smile, loved, and cared everytime possible.
    I know sometimes I do shitty things but seriously baby I'm learning it and I've been getting lot of good vibes from you on that note I would like to thank you. ()
    To be in love with you makes me better person everyday..
    I'm trying and I'll always be focusing on myself to be a good, caring, loving and respecting lover and a listner for you. And I'm working on to be more polite, more understanding, positive about everything that comes on my way. And I'm going to be totally new version of myself to you in a good way.
    Whenever I get mad with you I'm gonna change that madness in to love and I'll love you more ()
    I'll practice to be more patients in everything. I will just love you unconditionally without expecting anything. I won't wait for you to text me first I'll just text you whenever I get chance and will make you feel like I'm always there for you. I'm realizing that to love someone deeply doesn't include selfishness and it doesn't seek for anything. It's just loving you with whole my heart..
    I'll give you my 100℅ in everything if let you down sometimes then please do make me aware of my mistakes instead of stayin silent without talking cos that's how we'll grow..
    Seriously I've been bringing lot of changes in my attitude I'm cutting off my negatives.. Just for you
    Cos I dont wanna let you down