• snehhaaaa 32w

    That's was her mistake don't you saw her mini skirt, and the way she used to walk she deserves this ", That's what our society says when a girl raped.

    These so judgemental people say that she was too fair that was the reason for her rape she was wearing too revealing clothes that's what the main reason for her rape I mean seriously like don't you think it's all the mistake of that bullshit mentality who protects his sister and rape someone's else sister but on of rape isn't culprit or victim its mentality and discrimination from a very early age we girls taught to protect ourselves. As not everyone is bad not every boy is the same although but talking about those who can't even think that the girl he is molesting is also someone's motsisssister is one of the worst social evil from which girls aren't free as of now no can girl walk at night alone. You usually say that our parents never want us to go out at night alone but why the hell can't stop their sons to do so.

    Because of this rapist, innocent boys are also blamed that "all boys are same" hell no just need to understand who is bad and good for you and mentality is also a crucial part of this evil.

    "No girl has in mind that she will be raped and die"
    Request to see every girl as your sister and every girl should also respect boys.

    Let's puts our hand together and day

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    "Rape is all about mentality"
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