• mhnhsn 83w

    One face Many Worlds

    So many faces...
    Every face has its
    Own story...
    Walking on same path..
    But following its own destiny..
    This world is just a place..
    We actually live in our
    own worlds.
    This is the place we belong
    To...this is where we
    Toiled our lives on...
    With sets of our own
    Sorrows nd pleasures...
    Rise nd fall...
    Many characters just
    Walked in and go
    playing their
    Part...but alone we actually,
    Trudged through this path.
    Hiding so many emotions,
    Nd stories in our
    Existed self..
    This body of flesh n bone
    Is mere a mask..an illusion,
    but When you peeled through it,
    You found, one face
    And so many worlds,
    Confounded, tempestuous,
    Freaky and perplexed..
    Though we Born with same features,
    But live in different worlds.
    This is place we belong to..
    This is where we live our lives on.