• meghaa_ 11w

    There lays a patch of sky
    A little jealous of its neighbourhood
    Draped in solitude
    And here I stand
    Under so many lights,
    A festive crowd
    Yet the blues above my head,
    Feel no less than a stranger
    I long for the skies
    Where there is no light
    From the firecrackers
    But a patchwork of stars,
    Looking for their soulmates

    Dear empty skies,
    May you find a home
    Like I found in you
    Where emptiness is not outcasted
    Where every ounce of your soul is embraced

    ~M e g h a //Festivity

    Too much of noise. Please don't hurt the stray animals. Festivals are to spread kindness

    @writersnetwork I don't know if you'll read this but I want to say thank you for a lot of reasons, not just for the reposts. Thank you

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