• elatedsoul512 35w

    Being a medical student..
    When you receive such compliments ��
    Such motivations are required & welcomed!! ��

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    [10/20, 12:54 AM] Mr. Noc: Haha

    Thanks for showing the concern

    I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart

    [10/20, 12:59 AM] Mr. Noc: But I would like to confess

    Someday you will become an amazing doctor

    [10/20, 1:00 AM] Mr. Noc: Because

    The way you explained ... No doctor have explained this to me ever

    I've consulted around 10-12 doctors till date

    Everyone gives their medication & no one talks about it & makes me understand that what it is ❤

    [10/20, 1:00 AM] Mr. Noc: That's so nice of you Tanu!

    [10/20, 1:12 AM] Mr. Noc: Thank you so much for all the efforts.