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    Quite unconscious of what it really signified, Glued to the spot, she began to feel panicky. "What a monstrous weather" she murmured.While having an unending conversation with Cloe's mother, interrupting in between she drawled "It's getting late...we must leave now." And just tottered off to that spooky place frightfully.The storm raged fiercely all that night.

    The next morning, however when she stepped in kitchen for preparing breakfast and stuff. She found a terrible stain of blood over the slab right before the stove...showing of sanguineous stains was popping up like something crime connected with. So she called cops for the discernment of what she all had been went through.

    On reaching the spot cops found nothing alarming like, as it was just a stain of ketchup Vive told have spilled off last night. Though it was all just a silly misunderstanding she had and foolhardy guess to a condition of abject terror, she was in intense fear of all that took place that night.

    For the rest of the weeks, however she never encountered such affairs with, the only phenomenal existence of phantasmata was ever removed of her mind.

    And certainly it was so very strange, as the door of the room downstairs was autolocked at night and the windows she used to keep half close were barred too...

    To be continued...
    #storytime part-2

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