• pink_berry 7w

    What's black ?
    My shadows which are lost in the
    Darkness so dark .

    What's white ?
    My soul which is made so pure
    To match your serenity.

    What's red ?
    My blood which bleeds
    To penetrate poetries.

    What's purple ?
    My night sky so dull
    Without your stars.

    What's pink ?
    My cheeks which long
    To blush for you .

    What's green ?
    My veins which are
    Boosted with belief .

    What's blue ?
    My ink which has dried
    Losing hopes .

    What's yellow ?
    My sun which once spread light
    And now it's no more bright .

    #mondo #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

    (Hope this apt for the challenge, I wrote all the mondos in one post , easy for you ppl to read ....now say thank you. Lol.just kidding ��)

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    What's Love ?

    The mixture of all these shades which forms a unique rainbow
    And fall for you .