• _abhijit_ 14w

    The way

    The way you always knew, from the very beginning, about the ending. The way you always knew fully well that she's not made for you, and neither you for her. The way you were always so aware, that it was just a moment that's passing. And the way you knew very well, that there's no future, but just a present quickly slipping away like sands of time.

    Still it's funny how you saw her, and continued to see her.... and going against your own will how you fell for her..

    The way she looks down while she smiles, tucking away her hairs behind her ears. The way she sometimes lovingly calls you "baba" while ending her sentences. The way she addresses you with a nickname chosen by her. The way she sometimes grabs your hand while crossing the road and the way she casually waves you goodbye. The way she sometimes says you right thing at the right time, the things you needed to hear. The way she sometimes shares with you unintentionally, the things she's afraid of facing herself. The way she takes an effort to dress appropriately yet never being able to fully acknowledge her own beauty. The way she thinks herself as just an ordinary average looking girl, and the way she fails to see the admiration in your eyes. The way she works hard to be able to pay back to her family and meet her own expectations. The way she sometimes cried infront of you and wiped away her own tears smilingly. The way she comes from the other side of the road keeping a notebook above her head, during monsoon rains, fully wet from head to toe. The way her wet dress hugs her curvy figure in rain as the fabrics stick to her skin. The way you take tremendous effort not to stare at her wet breasts infront of her, and channel all your focus on her face instead, which has a tensed look under the showers of rain. The way you offer her your umbrella as she comes closer to you, which she in turn shares with you. The way you both walk under the same umbrella, while she chatters endlessly shivering away from cold. The way she always thought you as her best buddy, and the way your heart starts pounding whenever she's close. The way she walked away from you saying a formal yet genuine thank you.

    And finally the way the next phase of life approached sooner than expected and the way she moved to a different city altogether. The way her calls gradually became less frequent and the way her words became more formal.

    The way she is still there in your life, yet the way how it was all over....

    Funny, isn't it? The way you always knew there's no future, but just a present, yet you fell for her.. The way she moved into her future and you are forever stuck in your present..