• theghostwing 79w


    Chaotically moving through these intoxicated steps in life, woundering where it starts to get bright. Worrying about the small lies and the fanatic dramas of life. Children die in the hands of flies. Crawling on them as they decay and lie. Suicide. Such a word for a dismantled dream. A ride of emotions of raw intensity. Restless cries as they walk by and seam.. fine? They always lie. I promise I'll come back. I'm alright with you by my side. I with you will stay outside. And yet she rests in her grave so blue in my eyes. Unable to sleep and never was able to save her, I wounder through cities for favors. What I find? Forsaken smiles and giggles that could destroy a soul. Watch as they soar through the darkness intoxed with false hope, maybe for a safer road. Hours fly and I'm facing a rock, so mighty and elegant it faces me back. Her face in no sight but my reflection heave a wave of erupt. I turn it my end and straddle back, home to a cozy track of bleak soul ruined distortions of a clock that winds in echo. Wheeps rain from comfort and leave a selfless spot. Wicked soul of a once ago, you know? I once laughed with us.. dunno, or do I? Who knows, maybe God. Waves, accept them, cause that's all left of them. Falling apart, falling afar, falling again.. falling apart..