• preksha_shah 55w

    Be a star to someone's sky,
    Be the fragrance to someone's rose,
    Coz everyone out there is selfish
    With hearts that froze..

    Be the sun to someone's world,
    Be the beat to someone's heart,
    So that they pray for you
    Even of u are miles apart..

    Be the wing to someone's dream,
    Be a ship to someone's sea,
    Be the reason someone lives a bit more
    Coz that's how life is supposed to be.

    Be the meaning to someone's words,
    Be the speech to someone's silence,
    Coz all want to know the future
    Be the one wanting to hear their past tense..

    Be the smile on someone's face,
    Be the soul to someone's body,
    Coz everyone lives for their own self,
    But for once, live for somebody..


    ┬ępreksha Shah