• bouncy 63w

    @sarcasticbong I can write and write yet not get short of words to describe you. All I wanted to say is THANK YOU AND SORRY.

    @writersbay You know, you gave the right person. Thank you soo much bay �� #paradoxbong #weekendc 16.04.2021

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    On a winter evening
    When I walked past the dark streets
    Having no idea of where and why
    You guided me as the moonlight
    And I discovered a part of me which
    I never knew existed in me
    Every night, the firefly producing
    bioluminescence that passes by,
    asks about you and I tell her

    "He is a collection of paradoxes
    Controversial wreck and a classical mess
    Around dozen personalities in one
    Who is predictable in his unpredictability
    A poet in relationship with rhymes
    Who lives in a cozy world called metaphors,
    Walls decorated with cursing verses,
    Furniture that bleeds pain"

    "Wait! Is he a satan?" Firefly interrupts me.

    "No! He is no sarcasm sarcasticbong who is as hard as the moon to own but the silvery luminance he produces is for the universe to own."